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Message of the Moment: The Queen of Pentacles

Well, holy crap-- I'm not so sh*tty!

The Queen of Pentacles will serve as the Card of July.  
But,  it's July 7th!

 Yeah, I know.  I'm usually a tiny bit late to most events so... I haven't really surprised myself here.  

I'm delighted to see this card because this Queen's feet are bare!  Comfortable.  Free.  Soaking up the sun, feeling a breeze, playing with soil, making sure the ground is 'still there'.  We use our sensitive feet for walking purposes, typically, so this card could be recommending light, comfortable, "practical" footwear.  Or, perhaps the remedy some need is a delicious surface beneath their feet such as sand, grass, soil,  even  warm rocks or pavement.

 The ground is 'still there', folks.  No matter the turbulence (of late), some have landed just fine, safe and sound.  No matter how many moves have been made, some are very much capable of commitment and discipline-- and the Queen of Pentacles will see to it that we remain committed to a particular goal without stressing out or worrying too much.  Heck, some commitments/goals may even be enjoyable.

The Queen of Pentacles, after all, isn't worrying... because she's already imagined a worst-case scenario, planned ahead, saved money for a rainy day, got some of her ducks in row, organized, cleaned, run errands, attended appointments, made room (or a special/designated space) for productivity/success/accomplishment.  We can finish what we've started, and feel absolutely terrific about it!

We're OK, settling in, feeling better, dreading less, getting into a beneficial routine.

Where would you like to feel more stability?  The ground beneath your own 'feet'? 

Work at it.  We work everyday, many of us, even if some don't hold a 9-5 job.  Keep going, because you'll be satisfied with results.  You will see signs of growth.  At the very least, potential will become apparent to you and others as you go.

Speaking of results, evidence or proof is important to the Queen of Pentacles.  She prefers something she can see, touch/feel, smell, taste.

Women may be a focus of the month of July, with some 'rising', maximizing capabilities, refining skills.  Even a new skill may be easier to develop, and turn into a practice, than originally thought.  And it may lead to more lucrative opportunities.

Remember the value that you bring to a situation, and hang onto it... just as the Queen of Pentacles holds onto her pentacle.  Act like you are valuable.  The Queen cares for/nurtures, humbly displays, and appreciates her pentacle.  She's not holding onto that pentacle for dear life, frightened about letting it go-- she is calmly ensuring nothing happens to it. She might even have her pentacle appraised!  

Anyway, whether you or someone else notices it this month, you are valued.  And some will have no trouble 'getting real' or helping others 'get real'.

Happy July!



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