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Message of the Moment: The Six of Swords

Ugh.  This journey is lame.  It's lame...just like my life.  

At least Blogger remembers that I like my Tarot images centered on the page.  That's always helpful.

In any case, yeah, the Six of Swords.  It's a super exciting card to pluck as you can see from the image above.  Like, you can just tell-- you can just tell that the captain (?) of this ship is thrilled to be taking on this particular mission.  I mean, why wouldn't he or she be, especially as we consider the enthusiasm oozing from the passenger?

And stop me before I get into a serious analysis of the passenger.  He or she doesn't even want to be identified, which may tell you everything you need to know about this trip.

So, this trip is clearly anything but ideal.  This card, in general, feels like kind of a drag.  It's cloudy out, the water isn't exactly pristine, and all the passenger of this boat wants to do is be draped in blankets and remain hidden underneath a giant hood.

The passenger just wants to get 'this' done, and not be 'bothered' by someone who recognizes him or her on the street.  Goodness knows he or she can do without the small talk today.

But, the captain recognizes that he or she still has a job to do.  And it's a job.  It keeps the captain busy, entertained, sane even.  And even though I can't see the expression on the captain's face, I like to think that deep down in this person is a golden grain of gratitude for something to do (maybe well).  Something that keeps him or her from dwelling on bullshit which can really take a hold over people.

I happen to enjoy cloudy days.  And while I hate to go through on certain 'missions', I do them anyway... especially if they're temporary.

As is the case in this card: whatever this mission is, whether you're the passenger or the caption-- the mission is temporary

So, hang in there.  Play some good music.  You're fine.  Try to channel patience for yourself and others in this less-than-desirable situation because there is certainly a light at the end of the tunnel.  Or... just an end.  An end or a point to the situation/decision/journey/mission may be all you need to focus on here.

And remember: even ideal situations can be, or quickly turn into, less-than-desirable ones. 

♫  Hey now, hey now, don't dream it's over... 

You're certainly not 'over'.

All best!



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