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August, 2019: Five of Cups + Stars

Happy August.

Some may be looking at the card on the left there thinking, what do you mean ‘happy’?

The card on the left, the Five of Cups, isn’t "bad." At least not from what I see and feel from it, OK?

The Five of Cups is kinda cloudy, kinda gloomy. It can mean rejection. Discouragement. And there could be some amount of ughsadness, hurt, guilt, shame, humiliation, exhaustion,disappointment in this card. 

The Five of Cups feels overwhelmed, maybe apologetic.

Regarding feeling overwhelmed: 

I hope we consider that the empowerment that came with the Magician didn't happen overnight. 

Empowerment doesn'thappen overnight. 

And some have taken big steps and done a LOT of work and put up with a lot.

Thus,reaching a culmination,  whether successful in our efforts or not, can make some of us cry. 

It can make some of us emotional. 

It can all make some of us feel overwhelmed. Frustrated. In need of a little space.

And none of this makes us abnormal or weak. 

It's possible the dec…

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