July, 2019: The Magician

The Magician. What a feel-good card to draw for July! 

On June 29th, I pulled and shared the Magician on Twitter. It was the card for July 1st... and I tend to pay attention to cards I draw for the first day of a month as, to me, it sets the tone for the entire month.

Others may feel differently, and that’s OK. 

(Also, hi! 🙂  It’s been a long time. But I’m glad to be back. I’ve been posting Tarot analyses on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites of late. However, I will copy those posts and share them here later.)

So, here’s what I see and feel from the Magician:


Empowerment. Reminding others and ourselves of our own potential and power. Reclaiming our power. 

Taking a stand. Or standing out.

Being influential.

There is a lot of power here, needless to say. But what matters is how its used.

You know how some people obsess over what’s missing? Over the tiniest stuff?

The Magician figures things out with whatever is available and within his reach.

He is resourceful. He may have come from humble beginnings, too, where he had to teach himself stuff and learn to make use of what little he had.

And a lot is within the Magician’s reach now, for he is in control of all four suits items: a pentacle, a chalice, a sword, and a wand.

The Magician also has his own wand

He has his own style. Maybe even his own brand

The Magician doesn't necessarily represent an actual magician... though that would be a lot of fun (go for it). He may be a planner, designer, performer, or someone who makes little miracles happen through work, especially work involving his hands.

The Magician is kind of a class act. And he wears a few hats. But this doesn’t mean he isn’t a master of certain things.

Actually, he/she is seriously good at multi-tasking and versatility and action and thinking outside the box whenever necessary. He trusts his intuition. And he may be very street-smart.

Whether or not he is part of a huge network (and we'll never know because the Magician doesn't reveal his secrets), the Magician knows whom to approach for assistance, guidance/counsel, and so on. 

He is supported. By some others but also very much by his faith (in himself and a force beyond and bigger than himself). 

This faith… in that things will turn out OK… is what gifts the Magician with the will to get things done. 

Getting things done might appear like a great big magical act to some. 

But, no, it’s not.

Getting things done involves a process. It takes practice. And time. And effort. And patience. And even frustration at times...

It’s possible the Magician was left to sort of… fend for himself in the recent or distant past. 

Thus, the Magician may have trained himself to do certain things. 

Because he’s capable of that, he’s capable of showing others all that’s possible… through faith, will, and effort.

With potential/power comes responsibility. 

Of course. 

And the Magician is upright. And his wand is pointing up so… the suggestion here may be to use power in the best ways. To stay on the up-and-up

You see the infinity symbol above his head?

Let’s imagine a starting line somewhere within that infinity symbol. A starting point.

We’ll start there.  We’ll take a walk. Maybe we’ll shoot an imaginary arrow from that starting point.

Now let's follow the line until we reach the end-- 


There’s NO end?

We just keep going around and around in this… ENDLESS EIGHT-SHAPE? What kinda SORCERY is this?


For those who've elected to shoot an imaginary arrow, where will it wind up eventually?

Back at its starting point. 

Right back to where it came from.

Right back to its source.

We may see some rumors and issues surrounding gossip and psychological projection and God knows what else... clear up now.

We may check (and re-check) the sources we go to for certain types of information.

We may rely on ourselves a little more. And be grateful for what we can do and handle.

We may use (or learn to use) our power more wisely. More effectively. Even value and be grateful for it all.

That said.

That said, I hope you have a fantastic ⭐ July. I hope you reach some goals and make things happen. 

And I hope your faith in yourself remains strong…

Love 💗