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Message of the Moment: The Queen of Swords

Sooo, the Queen of Swords has shown up for the month of March (which is almost gone, but I digress).  And you know what's super-hot right now?

Thinking.  Using your head.  Trying to make logical sense of a situation.  Being aware of the truth in a situation as well.

And I know that's hard.  Lovely people have been dying around me, for instance.  A nice friend in January.  My father-in-law this week.  It hasn't been easy to "keep it together" at times.  I bawl on my own.  But, I do the best I can to keep my head as clear as possible and feel accomplished (while working with others to make them feel the same way).

Accomplishments don't need to be huge, by the way.  They can be tiny and still mean something, because they're showing us that we can get 'this part' done.  And if can get 'this part' done, perhaps we can get 'other parts' done.

A message gets across thanks to the Queen of Swords.  It IS, however, ALL ABOUT the way it is presented, or what is said/written and HOW.  

And, from the looks of this card, I'd say that some females will be given the floor... especially if they can get others to listen to/hear them.

Some DO want for some others to speak more.  To write more.  To sing more. To illustrate more.  To teach and guide more.  To communicate with more people/cultures.  To take all these broken pieces that hurt us so much and... put them into coherent sentences so we can go ahead and move forward with them on our minds.

Aside from communication and analysis, areas of the brain or cognitive functions, in general, tend to be highlighted by the Swords suit as well.  There could be a focus on sharpening, say, our memory, reasoning, language, attention, and so on. 

This card is not meant to label anyone as "cold", by the way.  I know "cold" is a popular term in the world of Swords suit descriptions.  But... no.

No.  We're just not as simple as "cold' or "warm".  Sorry.  Humans are a liiittle more complex than that.

The Queen of Swords, however, is strategic.  And, in some cases, she has to be. She can't just fly by the seat of her pants.  She's gotta have a plan.  She's gotta have a method.  She's gotta play it cool.  She's gotta use her smarts (street smarts included) and wits to navigate delicate situations and to make the best possible decisions...

AND SHE WRITES THINGS DOWN.  I have a difficult time remembering certain details, especially when I wind up working long hours while not sleeping enough.  But, I'm working on this-- whether I use a post-it note paper or a computer, I'll be taking notes.  I promise.

Finish what you can.  Tie up some loose ends.  Take up an opportunity to clear your mind and recharge.  And...  I hope you value the people in your lives, including yourself, who help make sense out of troubling moments...

All best,


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