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Message of the Moment: The Nine of Pentacles

Yes, it's been awhile since I last posted a Tarot update.  And I have to admit: I missed you!  How have you been?

 I bet some have a lot to tell, good and sucky.  We may be full of stories and experiences now, as full as those bushes with coins up there. We may be even be ready to display these stories somehow, just as beautifully as those coins, all polished and pretty, are being displayed up there.

Full. Lush. Plush. Blossomed. Success(es). Enhancements. Savings. Cushions. Furnishings. Talents, skills,"gifts". Education...  These are among the words that come to mind whenever I see this card.  There is a richness to it, sort of like the richness one might find in certain, say, yummy French dishes. :) 

We wouldn't mind having a bit of that fullness, that richness and, dare I say, some may achieve just it this month. 'Something to show for it'.  The fruits (rewards) of our labor. Golden opportunities to maximize our resources, too.

Consider using these opportunities. YOU KNOW WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU IS (what it feels like, what it looks like, and so on).  Your instincts may have been leading you a lot better than you might think so far, too, so...  

Pay attention. (I'm gonna do the same.)

And allow me to point to the character's shoes.  I seriously doubt they're super-pricey, trendy designer shoes.  They look pretty simple to me, and yet our character is rocking them here. The point?  

Well, we needn't try hard to feel like we have it going on.  And if we feel like we have it going on, we'll look like we have it going on, K?

With so much (at least potentially) good stuff going on, it appears that our character isn't moving.  Either she's pondering her next move, her choices. Or she's acknowledging many reasons to stay right where she is... because the opportunities she desires are probably in her hands (or right nearby)... no matter what our little bird-friend is chirping in her ear.

Or maybe nothing in particular is being chirped in her ear.  Maybe she just likes feathered creatures.  And maybe they like her back... because she isn't a threat in spite of what is at her disposal.

Have you noticed how fidgety and freaked-out birds can get?  Handling them like this is a gift.

Keep in mind, though, that the better some get at their craft, the more likely they are to stir up chirping (talk, rumors, blah blah blah).  Feel free to pick and choose from among whatever you hear, and fuck all the rest.  

Finally, as you bring others up, as you make them feel good about themselves, try to keep yourself up.  And don't be afraid to allow others to help you up, too-- some would love to watch you grow and succeed, believe it.

Have a wonderful month!



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