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Message of the Moment: The Two of Swords & Knave of Chalices

What better time to write a Message of the Moment for August than on the 4th of August?  I feel like I'm right on time here.  I mean I could have posted about August on August 10th. Or August 20th.  Or not at all... like I did about July... which we won't discuss.

OK.  Fine.  I'll share what July was (or would have been) about on this blog, and ignore a preference for, you know, moving on.

Now with polka dots!

The card I drew for July was the Two of Swords.  To me, it's the very-likely-a-no card, the card that keeps you out of that super-special and/or desirable team, group, clique, effort, opportunity, event, gathering, meeting, conversation...

You might know the thing you feel (or have felt) "kept out of". 

Or, you might know the thing, situation, etc., you've deliberately (with your own two shiny gigantic swords) been keeping out of your sweet little sphere.  (And damn, I won't even fuck with you and any of that.) Because when the Two of Swords is drawn, either we are facing a situation in which we feel a part of an invisible slush pile... or we're the ones dismissing something we consider unfavorable.

Nope nope nope.  We don't want to look at *it*.  It's clear we don't want to motherf*cking look at it.

Nope.  We may have had enough.  Because certain visuals make us feel a certain way.  And while there is the option of figuring out why certain options make us feel a certain way, no one (including me) has the right to tell anyone else to explore this option.

That's not my business, sayeth the Two of Swords.  Because it's no one's business to tell you what to shut off/down. 

There is a great deal of power in the Two of Swords.  There is no need to see something to be aware of it.  We don't need more than two swords to indicate a lack of interest, to turn down certain offers, to refuse participating in certain activities, to block, to disengage, to ignore, to shift our focus onto independent efforts and genuine preferences, to look away (don't even get me started on obsessions with eye contact)...

And if we are on the receiving end of a "no", or if it feels as though we are being left out or ignored, what better time to explore alternatives, think creatively, and tap into our resourcefulness (if we want to)?

A "no" may actually turn out to be a golden development in certain situations.

Onto August...

Shall we dance?

August... seems a little sweeter.  Like a sweet little symphony.  The Knave of Chalices (otherwise known as the card of August on this blog) makes me think of lilac shrubs, lavender oil, powders, lotions, balms, ointments, teas, coffee in cute mugs, a glass of wine at the end of a long day, refreshments and finger foods, pale/metallic/whimsical hues, youths, invitations, small offers, acts and words of kindness, puppies, kittens, and "awwww".

Aww.  All this usage of the word sweet is making me think of "sweet revenge" or "sweet justice".

Hold up, TG.  Why we gotta go there?!

Because I always go there.  You know this blog isn't just about puppies and kittens (and I LOVE puppies and kittens).

And exactly what is wrong with "sweet revenge" or "sweet justice"?  Suppose you have been mistreated in a beloved work environment for some time by a supervisor.  Wouldn't it feel good to watch that supervisor as he/she is moved to a different department?


Or... wouldn't it feel good for you to remain in a beloved work environment but in a different department or role, away from that supervisor?

Fellow humans, it's OK to feel good about these (and similar) developments.  It's OK to find them soothing or reassuring.

The Knave of Chalices calms, soothes, eases, freshens, reassures, doesn't see a reason to worry-- it is the familiar face or chicken soup of my deck. Small steps, small results, small things/items, small gestures, small tasks and activities and offers and opportunities-- all mean something now, and some might make us feel at least a little better.

Some will get a chance to remember certain faces, folks.  The world will definitely feel small... in a good way.

And some may 'lighten up' thanks to touches of mischief, humor and/or understanding; a glimmer of hope; an apology; a little miracle; and/or an easier, sweeter gig.

 Enjoy the month of August! 



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