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Message of the Moment: The King of Swords

Happy September!  I couldn't decide between a yellow or silver background so I've gone with both. I'm sure the King of Swords is just thrilled with the look.

Alright, folks.  As I study the King of Swords and how it might relate to my audience, I can't help but think of the following phrases and questions:

Here we go again...
You ask a stupid question, you get a stupid answer.
What part of _____ do you not understand? 
Didn't we go over this already?
What'd I say?
Do you understand? 
Well, this is a useful conversation...
I told you so...
You just had to go there...
Really?  Seriously?
Sure, why not? I have all the free time in the world for this...
Obviously, I'm gonna have to sit down for this...
Thank you, Captain Obvious.

What I love most about the King of Swords is the look on his face.  Is he tired of our shit?  Or, has he turned his overall tiredness-over-our-shit into sarcasm?

Whatever the King of Swords represents in your life, you need to know that you're good at it.  And the reason you're not stressed out or excited by it is, you've done this so many times already.  Whatever this is, it's redundant.  It is no longer challenging to you...

BUT, you might be the source of a certain kind of information; cerebral and savvy as fuck and a leader in a certain realm; a go-to person; helpful, bright, organized (for the most part), precise, articulate, and respected; and/or relied upon, probably in a way that involves consulting, education, administration, law, information, technology, communication, strategy, planning, instruction(s), languages, translation, culinary/baking, simplification/clarification-- or all of the above).

And, honey, if someone is going to get to the root of an issue, it's you with that giant fucking sword of yours. And if you're looking into having a surgical procedure (literal or figurative) done, the King of Swords is pretty much the kind of dude you want working on ya.

You can, and will, use your head at this point.  If not, someone or something will get you to use it or... you may just serve as someone else's brain.

And thinking before you speak, if you are able, is highly recommended.  I'd say that preparing in advance for certain goals will be mighty helpful as well (because some of us tend to freak out over last-minute activity).

Overall, the King of Swords has gotten a lot done, and he's had a chance to clear his head.  He's learned a ton, and he knows a lot.  Now all he needs to figure out is how to share what he knows, ideally in a patient manner.  Because his eyes don't exactly read "super duper patient".  He's kinda gotta work on his... form.  His presentation.

No, the King of Swords' eyes look adorably annoyed and grumpy and unfriendly (and so real) to me, actually.  I love his "resting bitch" face.  He's just so cool...

I had to go and gush over the King of Swords, didn't I?

Have an awesome September! 



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