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Message of the Moment: The Lovers

Happy June!

And where are your clothes, Lovers?  Just where are they?  I mean, others may refer to you two as Lovers, but all I see are two people in their birthday suits looking away from each other.  Lady Lover, you're looking up with hope/faith on your face.  And Gentleman Lover, you're looking down at the ground-- perhaps you're more of a realist.

Attention to detail sure has a way of rockin’ our precious little worlds, doesn’t it?  Oh, yah.

So, if I don’t see any ‘love’ here or any ‘love-making’, then what do I see in the Lovers? 
Opportunity.  I see plenty of opportunity.  You see, unless you’re situated on a nude beach, nudity is supposed to be scandalous.  An atrocity.  And, ugh, haven’t we seen these parts a million times before?

Alas, I find no nervousness in my guests here.  No discomfort.  No worries.  My Lover buddies aren’t self-conscious.  Thus, with a nice blend of faith and realism, they will allow their confidence and self-acceptance to lead them in a pursuit of opportunities, even those that may be considered out of their league.

This is how the Lovers are.  Not who or what they are—this is how they are at this time.  Note that the Lovers are frozen in place, posing like statues.  They are right here, right now.  And they sure appear fit, toned, muscular.  

I will admit that I’m not this toned or muscular, so perhaps all these muscles are just metaphors in my life right now.  Metaphors I’ve been waiting (and working toward) a long time for, actually.

I don’t see partnerships in this card or even relationships or dating.  However, the idea of dating could be represented here, as well as flipping through the profiles and photos of prospects.  There is no true coming together action here, but there may be an attempt or circumstance that brings certain people within a close-enough proximity to one another.
It doesn’t mean these folks (will) work well together.  The Lovers may be exercising a preference for a certain distance (three feet?) between them.  Just look at their enthusiasm.

The Lovers feels like the Human Resources department of my deck.  This is why I wouldn’t go out of my way to assume that “fate” (see: Angel Obvious above) has brought about a certain “magical” development (bringing two naked people… close-enough to one another).

Evaluations, exams, tests, interviews, hosting, lectures, workshops, team-building efforts are all possible.  

I could entertain myself by analyzing the snake and apple tree depicted in my Lovers card, but you’re not dumb (and already know what these background/irrelevant features represent). 
Your (ahem) qualities and features are front and center now.  Own them.  Work them.

Some are (or will be) noticed or memorable.

Since posing naked for Angel Obvious isn’t the norm, I’d say that this card is, indeed, about veering from the norm (your norm included) as you pursue opportunities.  

Feel free to inject a touch of creativity into projects, tasks, etc.  You’re not in a box right now.  

You’re brave.  You’re (more) open.  And in a way, you’re free.  That ‘something’ you’re facing, letting out or revealing proves it.

Whether you land a certain opportunity or miss out on it, hang onto that freedom, bravery, openness, and confidence.

Confidence may be contagious and, thus, super valuable to some.

Breathe in that fresh air.

Enjoy your month!


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