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Message of the Moment: The Two of Swords

Uhhh, no.

I have to say, I really like seeing this card even though it doesn't appear to be a *popular* card, one that people welcome with open arms.  No one really likes rejection, to hear the word no, to watch doors shut in front of their faces, and I imagine few enjoy saying "no". 

However, sometimes we find ourselves in situations we're not fans of, or in company that isn't for us-- not because others are "too negative" or "too positive" or whatever.  But, because something being done or said is affecting us in a way we're not willing to tolerate at the moment.  Maybe some are even bored with certain (verbal or emotional) exchanges.

When any of this stuff happens, I play it smart and cool, "blocking" an annoying situation in real life-- nope, not just on social media!  (Wink.)  Not that I need to explain myself here but, when I go for the block, it's not because I'm unwilling to face a situation or fearful of it (try me)-- it's because I'm tired of it, you know?  It's possible I'm going nowhere.  It's also possible I'm drowning in TMI.

Sometimes it's enough to know that a situation is shitty or slimy for whatever reason.  I don't have to keep looking at it.  I don't need to constantly be reminded of the fact.  

Whatever the situation, I've grown tired of looking at, hearing, or being near it.  It's old already.  Boring and pointless as fuck.  And it's time to simply stop looking at it, fueling it, feeding it the attention it craves and needs

It's time to be a big girl and stop focusing on certain shit.

It's time to blindfold myself, in my own way, and stop focusing on something ridiculous.  Or on you.  Or on her.  Or on him.  Or on what someone posts on social media.  I mean, even my own dog won't stare at her own daily piles of shit (she poops two to three times per day).  Why would she?

Maybe remaining focused on certain things is equivalent to staring at the dumps we leave in our toilets.  Unless we're feces researchers (don't ignore a medical issue, obviously), why would we do that?

When the Two of Swords comes up, to me, it means it's time go for that "block".  To separate yourself from what you don't consider "smart" or "wise".  This is a card of detachment, and detachment takes more strength than anyone will ever care to admit.

This is also a card of "I'll cut you".  The cut may come from words, spoken or written.  While you may not be afraid of slicing and dicing others with your commentary, others aren't (and won't be) afraid to strike either.  So, if some of you can't take the heat, you might want to, you know, stay the fuck out of the kitchen.

The Two of Swords (again, to me) is a card about bracing yourself.  It's about being aware of what makes us vulnerable (germs, change, other developments) so that we can defend ourselves, protect ourselves, shield ourselves as best we can.  And it's about tuning out certain (self) doubt, and petty or trivial shit... so that we can tune into ourselves better.

The Two of Swords is not a card about "safety"-- safety's not guaranteed to a person holding two swords while blindfolded after all-- or "avoiding the negative".  It's about turning our focus inward a bit, to ourselves, to what we really think and even feel about things, and dismissing stuff that we find irrelevant to our goals.

Because while focused on a goal, it's not unusual to find ourselves dismissing other things.  Unlike in the Seven of Chalices, some of us actually don't have the privilege or time to scatter our energy so far and wide, among many options and interests, now. 

We're not sprinkles.

The two-sword pose here only appears overly defensive.  We don't actually know what's prompted it, do we?  Maybe a little research here would be helpful.

The Two of Swords may also indicate grooming, trimming, cutting, chopping, slicing, sharpening, surgery, and getting to the point.  

Whatever we are all going through, I hope we feel better soon.  I say this because we typically don't block pleasant stuff.  

It's usually uncomfortable, painful, threatening, vile, disgusting, etc., shit we block from our sight.

And... out of sight, out of mind... even if temporarily.

Take good care of yourselves!



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