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Message(s) of the Moment: The Six of Wands and Seven of Chalices

This is the card I drew for December, 2016.  This one.  DAMMIT.

Last month, I attempted to post something about December and the Six of Wands.  My attempt didn't work out, but I refused to give up.  So, here is a late analysis of both.

The Six of Wands, to me, is a card about not backing down, and about the results of not backing down in a certain area of our lives.  We persist, we face something or someone, but we do so gracefully with this card.  We're noticed, maybe even appreciated (but definitely noticed).  We're aware of those around us.  Aware that we may or may not be someone's cup of tea.

But, we also probably don't give much of a fuck about whether we're someone's cup of tea.  And if we do give a tiny fuck about that, we're certainly not going to show it.  

No way.  This card is about giving ourselves credit even if, say, we don't pass a quiz or if an experience proves to be uncomfortable or a little embarrassing.  There is no cowering or lowering our heads here.  There is no allowing a big baby's douchey words to make us feel a certain way.

Not for more than a couple of seconds, anyway.  Remember what the goal of a big baby's douchey words is...

But, there is some "let's just get this shit over with" to enjoy.  What an awesome attitude to have!

And shit will get done.  Shit has gotten done already. 

Open your eyes, and notice what you've done (even if it's not as much as someone else has done).

Be proud of it.  Sit or stand up straight.  Face forward.  Use your words.  And ride your horse.

It's your horse.  You've fucking earned this horse-- and look at how well you've cared, and are caring, for it.

You actually feel like doing 'this', and you're motivated enough (no need to be some loud, bouncy, caffeine-fueled motivational speaker).

Congratulations.  Good for you.

Onto January...

"No, road is a major detail!" -- Jerry Seinfeld

Oh, January.  Recently, I saw a funny meme that referred to January as the Monday of the months.   I agree with this sentiment.  I'm not one of those people who envision January as a clean slate or an opportunity for a "new me".  

January just isn't that exciting.  Any day of the year can present a clean slate.  And the current me just fine.

Honestly, the only thing I used to worry about was sounding like an idiot while wishing someone a "happy new year" past, you know, the well-wishing deadline.  When was the deadline?  

Was there a deadline?  

More importantly, did I really need to give a fuck about wishing others a happy new year after January 10th?

While I will be celebrating a couple of occasions in January, I accept the month as the cold-ass one it tends to be around here.  I won't bullshit myself, folks, but I know the option is always there for me to do so.

Speaking of bullshit and options, let's get to January's card, the Seven of Chalices!  The Seven of Chalices may present imaginative ideas, possibilities, options, gifts, or shit just within yet juuuust out of our reach.

Honestly, I don't care for what's in these cups.  Sculptures, snakes, gaudy jewelry, little guys under sheets, old castles-- all these things weird me out.  

I'm more of a cute little seasonal mug kinda girl.  But, whatever floats your boat!

Know this, though: all the clouds here, the fog, the smog, the blur, the smoke, the fumes, the static?   It's all preventing information/something from reaching us.  Whatever or whomever is behind these cups, these promises, cannot be seen.  Conditions, while colorful, are fuzzy, unclear, unsure.

And, breaking news, goals may not stick.  But, feel free to explore a bit.

My guy here, while charmed or distracted or intrigued or entertained by these cups, hasn't reached out for any of them.  Why?  Because he's perusing and pondering routes and patterns and choices-- of the past, present, and future.   Because he's wondering if he's reeeeeeally into what he's seeing, or if what he's seeing is real.  And because, just like you and me, in spite of experience and knowledge, there's quite a bit he doesn't know much about...

It's OK not to know.  Not much is guaranteed in life.  And we don't really know how our decisions will turn out.  (Boy, can I provide some examples to support this...)

It's OK not to see clearly, to be scattered or sleepy or drowsy or confused or forgetful or tired or late.  This card feels like phlegm to me, like a high/buzz, drunkenness or a hangover.  Just be aware of this stuff, and make adjustments to tasks, activities, etc., as needed.

It's OK not to make a decision right away.  You don't even have to say "maybe" because, ultimately, your answer will be "yes" or "no".   Just take some time to figure out which of the two you're going with (and why), that's all.

Besides, "maybe" implies that people and opportunities will wait for you.

It's OK to "miss out". 

January, though a little fuzzy and unstructured at times, will still be somewhat stimulating and challenging.  Goals or projects you hadn't considered much may come up for review, and they could be interesting!

Finally, this card makes me think of moisture, hydration, and lovely shades of grey, white, blue.  And it reminds me that some things, like trees and snow and sunsets and lights and architecture, can appear beautifully against a foggy backdrop.  

Get out there and face the fog.

Enjoy the unpredictability in January, and happy 2017!



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