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Message of the Moment: The Empress

"No, she didn't!!"  Oh yes, she did.

And happy November to you!  October sure went by fast.  The busier you kept yourself, the faster it went, no?  

What a dynamic month October was for me.  Lots went on.  I hope it brought adventures your way, too!

November appears to be a decadent month.  Rich and tasty.  Savory.  Even special.  I drew the Empress for November, and I'd say that some of what made stress levels creep up in October settles down now.   Any tasks ordinarily handled in a rushed or panicky way also may be handled in a more relaxed, 'whatever will be, will be' manner.

No sweat, baby.

I think some of us link stress with concern.  And this association may be accurate.  After all, if you're the only one at, say, the office who cares enough to get tasks done, who cares about a company, who cares about clients, etc., you might feel stressed around those who don't get their work done.  You may also feel stressed if others' work falls on your shoulders.

Well, the reason the Empress looks radiant in her card is because she doesn't stress too much.  Have you seen stress on your face before?  I've seen stress on my face before.  It's not radiant.  But, I know that the stressed look can't be avoided at times.  I know that all too well. 

The Empress is not going to clean up after anyone unless she wants to, unless it brings joy to an obsessive-compulsive condition or something, unless she is respected for it.  OK?  And she's not going to tell you that she's "not going to clean up after you".  

She's just... not going to clean up after you.

She's going to do what she needs to get done, and then she's going to sit back and maybe watch shit-TV and eat a bowl of cheesy puffs or drink a glass of wine or mug of chamomile tea as she unwinds at the end of the night.

And she's going to look great doing so.

She's also going to enjoy her comfy and cozy attire.  The Empress doesn't wear something she doesn't feel comfortable in.  She may also be into pajamas, blankets, scarves, soft towels, bed sheets, and jewel tones.

There is "success" in this card, for those of you who are into success.  Congratulations.  An outcome is going to be OK, maybe even great.  

The key, in some situations, will be to keep from looking stressed or afraid/nervous in some cases-- and I know this is difficult.  But, if you appear super stressed or nervous/worried about a situation, you're telling others, with your body language, that you give a shit (probably waaaay too much of a shit) about their position or authority.  

Understand that it's OK to feel nervous and uncomfortable and stressed.  It IS OK.  I feel all of these things, sometimes more often than I'd like to...

But, like the Empress, I have just enough pride to not show some people that they make me nervous or uncomfortable or stressed or worried.  I have just enough pride to display that I will take something in stride.  I try to own my nervousness and discomfort, as both are normal.

Like the Empress, I have just enough pride to own and use and display my power.  I have just enough pride to prevent your criticisms to knock me, or keep me, down.  

I will speak when I need or want to-- not when I'm expected or pressured to do so.  

I will do my best to take care of myself, WITHOUT becoming a crazed slave to others' rules about self-care and/or "health".  

I will perform to the best of my ability, remembering that I only have two arms. 

And, fuck yeah, I will indulge in life and some of the quality experiences it has to offer.  Like chocolate.

What makes you feel good?  What do you find delicious or tasty or luxurious? 

Remember: massages could be considered luxurious, but some people don't like hands or oils all over them.  Others don't like imported chocolate or fluffy pillows.  

A day off could be luxurious.  A quiet night at home could be luxurious.  A cup of coffee in the morning could be luxurious.  A moment spent away from an annoying person could be luxurious (not that I'd know anything about this).

'Luxurious' is in the eye of the beholder.  What does it mean to you?

Enjoy the energy of the Empress, and your November!



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