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Message of the Moment: The Knight of Wands

Happy October!  Some of you may be starting to enjoy the cooler temps of autumn (finally).  But even if you're not, it might still feel like a new season has arrived with bells, whistles, funky and upbeat background music, and maybe a knight in shining armor costume-- the whole enchilada-- for a number of folks out there.  Remember when I said the Wheel of Fortune would keep things interesting?  

Let's just say that the Knight of Wands is fully equipped and prepared for interesting.  The Knight of Wands is fueled by 'interesting'-- he lives for this shit!  He spices up your food and moments. He puts a spring in your step.  He brings the gifts of action, charisma, charm, shine, boldness, bravery, determination, and attitude.

The Knight of Wands isn't one of those "well-paced" cards, according to some interpretations out there.  However, I beg to differ.  Although I feel this guy might be a bit overdressed for certain situations, I don't see his horse rushing into a scene with the knight ready to rescue someone.  Both the horse and the knight appear to be at ease while strutting their stuff!

I don't see his weapon pointing at anyone either.  It is present, but his movements, his strategies, his motives, and his presence are the true weapons here.  

The Knight of Wands may be prepared for battle, but he is not actually battling which is important to note, I think.  As such, there is no reason to get super cocky-bitchy (to make a point) or run scared, but you may wish to be more selective about the battles you take on since patience isn't a skill used by everyone. 

(And, yes, it's a skill.)

The Knight of Wands isn't as naive, unaware, impatient, young, impulsive or foolish as some might make him out to be.  He does seem pretty (or veeery) sensitive, though.  Why else would he be wearing armor for protection?  Encouragement or positive reinforcement may help.

The Knight of Wands could be here to give some the confidence and courage to move (it), 'go for it', to make or own mistakes, to practice, to train or become stronger somehow.  

Finally, encouraging others is nice, but consider encouraging yourself as you embark on new(ish) projects and goals or become accustomed to rules.

A "new you" is birthed every day.   Yay.




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