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Message of the Moment: The King of Swords

A little stern, a little grumpy.  A little stern and grumpy... possibly with reason. 
We've been around this block before, and, honestly, we may be going round this block many more times so fasten that familiar little seatbelt and try to entertain and challenge yourself.  Consider breathing as well as sounds that generally help clear your head.
Oh, and please excuse some if they're not exactly enthused, thrilled, or leaping out of their chairs in certain situations. They may be 'over it'.
As for intelligence or smarts or sense, which tend to be represented by the Swords, just where do we think that stuff comes from? 
Hint: it doesn't come from thin air.  It is all earned, folks.  Yes, from that aforementioned block, from practice, from trial and error.
Some may have enough practice at this point.  Others may be all people'd out (not cold).  Grant yourself and/or others a break as necessary.
If some feel uncomfortable around others, it may be due to bullsh*t detectors that are on and in full force.  Run-arounds and lies and excuses and even indecision have grown annoying and tiresome. 
That being said, should you need time to make a decision, please let others know and try to include a deadline for said decision.  There are things to be done around here!  Places to go.  Sights to see (or see again).  Goals some wish to accomplish.  Tests some want to take or proctor.  Training some would like to be a part of or offer. 
Sharpen those pencils... and tongues... and brains.  This is a card about a serious or big communication session.  This is a card about a major goal. 
This is a card about... major wits.  Wits are sure hot.  Test them.  Consider playing games that activate and challenge your brain.  I'm a fan of Scrabble, and I recently (finally) beat my computer at a game!
Oh, and the less lies we tell, the less details we'll have to remember.  The less lies in an account, the shorter it will be, and the more likely it'll be that many (not just you) will understand it.  Be aware of whatever it is you're trying to convince yourself or others of.
If you can't handle a task, admit it, then kindly step aside and allow someone else to handle it.  I'm not trying to be harsh, but the King of Swords doesn't have the most patience on the planet.  Look at his face.  If you can't understand his facial expression, if you can't "read" those eyes, I really don't know what to tell you.
Evidence helps. 
Look, you're smart enough.  But, just in case you don't think you're smart enough, for the love of all that is good, TRY to acquire information and knowledge with the King of Swords at your cute little side.  Doing something teaches us all something.
Some may know more about something than they think and should give themselves a break.
Short simple instructions are always a good start.  Wait for your turn to speak.  Someone is going to listen.  And you do some listening, too-- you never know what you'll learn.
All best!


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