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Message of the Moment: The Six of Cups

Go slow, my darling.  Slowly and steadily.  Softly and tenderly.   
This card makes me think of focus, precision, and a delicate touch.  Those are flowers up there, and they're being arranged with time, care, thought, and consideration. 
Looking closely, though, you may notice that the arrangements aren't exactly the same.  And that makes me think of handcrafted items.  Usually, no two are the same.  Nope, it seems a handcrafted item is created especially for you.  After all, no one else is holding the exact same handcrafted item in your possession.
This card does not represent a factory.  But, it may just indicate a certain flair-- that the way you do something can be distinguished from the way someone else does it.
But, let's veer away from a handcrafted items for a minute.  Because, in my opinion, the Six of Cups can apply to poetry and song and other forms of writing and expression.  Poems and other forms of writing and expression can be sentimental, thoughtful, gentle, and soothing.  Colors and sights and scents and textures and flavors-- all are capable of providing sweetness and comfort.
Speaking of comfort, it's time to get a little comfortable with what makes us feel anxious, held back, confined, stressed to the point of remaining still, and so forth.  Think of it.  As you think of it, imagine being OK with it.  If you're OK with it, you're facing it. 
(As someone who faces crap everyday, you can believe I'm not preaching to anyone right now.)
You're OK. 
I'm OK.
The Six of Cups, at least to me,  represents the opposite of road rage.  It's not a good idea to arrange delicate flowers while in a fiery rage, anyway.  This card is cuddly.  It's squishy.  It's a cool pillow under your head.  It's a Friday night movie at home with popcorn (or another snack you've loved since the age of three). 
This card has time on its hands.  Heh.  So, there is time.  No need to rush.  'It' will get done.
Whatever projects we are (or will be) working on, whatever talks we're considering having with others, whatever we might request or expect or demand, a sweet and easy approach is called for at this time.  It seems some are pretty busy, or at least they are in those heads of theirs.  They "can't" do 'this' because "there are a million things to do." 
How about doing what we can... now?
Those million things may just shrink, shrink, shrink down to what some can actually handle, maybe a little more for the superheroes at heart among us. 
For some, the message may be to wait a bit for a development.  Conditions may be a bit quiet and slow, and some may not be sure about the types of decisions that will be made by others. 
We may not know, but we can occupy ourselves with something beautiful in the meantime.
And what the hell?  Take a picture.
For others, the message may be that... anguish of the past does not have to stop you from doing a lovely job now and in the future. 
Lovely.  Get (or stay) in that groove. 
Until next time,


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