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Message of the Moment: The Page of Wands

I've often heard that the Pages represent young people or young adults.

I don't see 18-year-olds in the Pages, specifically in the Page of Wands.  I do, however, see a male with a hairy face here holding a stick and wondering what to do with it.  A stick is multipurpose after all, and it can be turned into so many things.  And although the male appears to be young, he can simply be young-looking

Energy and potential isn't reserved for young(er) folks only.  People of all ages can possess energy and a dynamic personality, and within them the potential and drive to keep moving in the best possible direction.  It might be important to take initiative at this time.  Some of us may have to dig deep for that stuff, but it can be found-- or it can just show up when you least expect it.

Keep in mind as well that pain, particularly physical pain, isn't only experienced by older adults. It can be experienced by everyone-- "young" or "old".  Pain is universal.  Try not to let it limit you too much.

While a single wand can indicate a beginning or first step in the (re)building process, I find it may also signify a certain missing piece of a puzzle.  For those of us who have been intending to do or say certain things or behave a certain way, this card goes from intention to action.  The reason could have to do with feeling supported, having a necessary tool, honing skills, and/or acknowledging assets and/or qualities.

And there will always be fears and doubts to contend with, even in relation to things we should already know and be 'seasoned' in.  Experience doesn't always matter because not all environments operate in a way we are accustomed to-- there will be something new to learn.

Surprise! There may be something worth waking up to in the mornings.  Or, some might dive into a new type of task, project/assignment, environment, job, etc., perhaps one they wouldn't have been caught dead doing or being a part of in the past. 

Some moves will shake things up!  In times of uncertainty, be uncertain.  Be a little unpredictable.  Shake.  Be shaken (it happens to all of us).  Dance if you can.

(I used to turn maneuvering through crowds of people in the city into something of a dance.)

Finally, through the Page of Wands, it will be possible to take the lead in entertainment whether of ourselves or others.  The idea is that some would like to keep busy, active, stimulated, engaged-- time moves faster that way.

Best feet forward!



  1. Insightful as usual! I liked especially the thought that old folks--like me--can have a dynamic personality. Thank you!


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