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Message of the Moment: The Magician

After drawing the Hermit a couple of times in a row for the daily draws on Twitter, boy, the sight of the Magician sure marks a change.  Both the Hermit and the Magician wear long robes, but the Hermit seems to keep his capabilities under wraps while the Magician appears to have no problem putting forth what he has to offer.  The Hermit, clad in brown, doesn't seem to want to be seen or distracted while the Magician, draped in bright red and white, doesn't appear to be held back (from entertaining, for instance).  Whereas the Hermit seems uncertain, the Magician appears entirely sure of himself and perhaps current conditions. 

By the way, there is nothing wrong with either card to me.  I am merely comparing my notes here.

Putting our best foot forward may prove challenging now especially as those who like to give direction and instruction fail to display an interest in receiving direction/instruction.  Some hard work, some major effort, might be required of some while those who desire that hard work and effort might simply be dressed for the "leader" role. 

Leadership is attractive and super important after all.  Leaders gain attention.  They're admired, talked about, respected by at least someone out there, powerful, blah, blah, etc., etc.

Needless to say, some amount of acting skills will be necessary to navigating certain conditions and environments, and putting up with some folks in leadership roles-- whether these roles are real or imagined.  And that's the thing about the Magician in my world: I'm not sure if confidence or faith is coming from a real state or an imagined state.  I'm not sure if leadership actually means anything here, or if some just like making rules, and subordinates and fans/followers out of others. 

Once some realize the real responsibilities involved in serving as a leader, then the "fun" really begins.  Some are cut out for this "fun", while others aren't quite going to make the cut.  Translation: the power-honeymoon will be over soon for some folks. 

Others, however, who are actually working will thrive in certain roles.  Still, it may be hard to deal with certain dynamics, at least for now... because some gears are, or will be, shifting.

Fresh, more dynamic roles might be on the horizon, with problems potentially lying in the amount of responsibilities required (it could feel as though one is doing the work of ten people), insufficient compensation, and/or a lack of resources and/or interest in dressing the part. 

'New' is not going to be easy.  It's never really been easy. Thus, as usual, it's going to take every ounce of willpower (Magician) to push through what we don't know, and what others do know, in a confident manner.

Confidence and willpower and mental/emotional/physical endurance and an "I don't give a shit" attitude (which I definitely see in the Magician) will be essential to settling into a new or different role, new or different responsibilities. 

And, no, we don't really need allies or anyone on our side right now.  The Magician already has allies even though it seems he operates alone.  He doesn't.  He's also not alone in his thinking, planning, and strategy.

Keep in mind that we're all settling into roles all the time.  One minute we're the grocery shopper.  The next minute we're the gardener or cook.  I think everything we are, we learn to be.  Some accept what they learn as is, while others are able to weed through what works for them and what doesn't over and over again.

Some may find it difficult to be persuasive, convincing, or influential at this time.

Keep in mind that the Magician is not only clever-- he is a 'doer'.  He's using energy.  He is using what he's got, what he's learned, what he knows.  That energy may take you and others somewhere. 

If you don't care, others might not care. 

If you care, others might care. 

At least do.  At least don't allow what you know and what you can do go to waste.

And, although some haven't been deemed leaders officially, they are leaders anyway.  Since we learn from others, and others learn from us, everyone and anyone is a leader.  Cooperation teaches us that.

I hope some of you celebrate every defeat of self-doubt and criticism or gossip from others.  I think a little faith-in-self and motivation, though hard earned, have arrived right on time. 

And maybe a leader-less situation (or what certainly feels like one) within our environment isn't a bad thing.  Maybe being our own leader, our own guide, our own teacher and director will be good for some of us.

Choose what you wish to learn/digest/accept and adapt to wisely now.  You might need to think on your feet later.

Confidence takes work and maintenance. 



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