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Message of the Moment: The Five of Cups

Of course this card comes up as snot drips out of my nose holes non-stop.  Eh, I have a little cold.  It's annoying but I'll survive.  I've been surviving by watching really bad movies, walking around town, cozying up under a blanket, and drinking tea.

This tiny cold serves as a decent analogy of the Five of Cups.  The cold is really not a big deal, but it can annoy humans with a drippy nose, scratchy throat, sneezing, coughing, congestion, drowsiness, sleepiness, and possibly even a shitty appearance.  The more I focus on these annoyances, however, the more they bother me.  So, I try to focus on other stuff like tea, rest, dogs, and other sources of comfort. I also focus on the temporariness of this situation.

We all experience uncomfortable conditions in life.  And I think that's what the Five of Cups is trying to convey.  That, and that there's no need to turn your back in shame.  That 'turning away' and 'shame'-- they can make conditions feel more bleak than they actually are.  They can also make one feel alone (a not-good feeling for some), unique.

Ah, forget that I don't believe in the concept of 'unique'-- I think I've just discovered a problem with this term.

Fortunately, the face of the character up there isn't completely turned away.  To me, that translates to honesty, and a willingness to somewhat-- not completely-- face and share what has brought that character down. 

Maybe we don't need a huge emotional vomit anyway.  Maybe little bits and pieces of emotions or emotional loogies are just A-OK.

It will seem as though some are 'hormonal' at this time.  A bit moody.  Moodiness is OK.  Grumpiness, sadness, loneliness, bitterness, blah, sigh, meh-- it's all OK.  Moodiness does not have to be a big deal, nor is it limited to a certain gender or individual.  

And no one has to jump up and down excitedly over any developments or feel fiery-passionate about anything.

Actually, it's possible that, as soon as we accept our feelings (or the absence of them), moods, conditions, whether linked to hormones or work around youths with drippy noses or otherwise; and the sooner we express how we feel (try not to wait until you're ready to go boom), the sooner an emotional 'rebirth' will occur, and the sooner some will be able to make friends with their feelings and others. 

'Others' includes any individual you interact with or contact.

Your feelings or moodiness need not be the result of 'bad luck' or 'bad genes' or whatever.  Pay attention to triggers and anything that exacerbates a not-desirable mood.  Pay attention to what you might be convincing yourself of as well.

A detox is possible through the Five of Cups.  Well, that, and pretty much seepage or anything that comes out of the body including poop, pee, puke, pus, etc. 

If what needs to be flushed out isn't tangible, flush it out anyway. 

Slow down especially while, and after, you eat or drink. 

Go slow... with yourself.  Self-analyze.  Self-process.  Explore possible roots to how you feel.  Befriend a bummer.  Work with a bummer.  Become one with the bummer.

Do not give almighty power to a bummer.  A bummer is not a punishment.  A bummer is not a curse.

Also, sensitivity to criticism may fall at an all-time low.  Because who cares.

Whatever the Five of Cups represents for you, know that it's possible to still be present and still work well with yourself and/or others.  Know, too, that lots of people do not-exciting things in life.

A bummer doesn't last forever.  You're fine.  Or you will be fine. 

Wait, what's 'fine'? :)  Explore 'fine'.  What does 'fine' mean to you?

Take care,


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