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Message of the Moment: The Eight of Cups


By the looks of the Eight of Cups, this seems to be a time in which it might benefit some of us to turn away, to use our ignoring capabilities, as we continue to focus on a particular task.  As reluctant as some may be, they may be called upon to serve as a leader or guide at this time as well. 

This isn't a time to expect a solution or outcome, however.  The Eight of Cups calls for subtle courage, and brings to mind seeking and finding what is necessary to the achievement of a solution, even if that solution does wind up entailing ignoring a situation or walking away from it-- not necessarily for good, but for now. 

Not every development can receive our attention anyway.  And our environment could become over-stimulating and busy.

Some will be sensitive.  Thus, it's possible to become moved by sights, tedious tasks, requests, and details.  The Eight of Cups suggests taking a walk, breathing while outdoors-- just plain stepping away from a situation to clear the head and then return refreshed and ready to roll.  Do what works best for you.

Some have made quite a bit of progress, but there is more to do.  Still, try not to spend so much time in one area that you grow frustrated or wind up hating it.  This area could have a lot to do with you and your growth/development/experience.

Keep going.  The character in the Eight of Cups is not sitting still and waiting.  He/she is determined, not a follower, and, yes, he/she can make it to his/her 'destination' alone.  Others may follow the character in the Eight of Cups, but not affect or influence his/her decision(s). 

This character is proactive.  He/she organizes, leads, plans, and moves ahead or makes strides, with or without praise.  He/she paves a way, gracefully and supported, learning as he/she goes. 

Finally, keeping hydrated with necessary fluids might be helpful.  Cups hold fluids.  If consuming eight to ten glasses of water makes you heave, however, slow down and consume as many servings as you can.  No need to precisely and perfectly follow recommendations.  What's important is consuming fluids to help you along your way, not hinder your progress.  Monitor yourself.

Keep doing the best you can.  And know that ideas and/or inspiration come from more than one place, more than one type of activity.



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