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Message of the Moment: King of Cups

Hi there!  Nice to have you visit.  I am currently making some changes to this Tarot blog and thank you in advance for your patience.
From the King of Cups, I get 'quality', 'thoroughness' and 'emotional comfort'.  While emotionally settled (as the King of Cups appears to suggest) in some endeavor or in the company of others, I think it's possible to produce some of our best possible work... or simply work that we're comfortable producing, imperfect (or "not like that") as it may be.
The King of Cups may offer the opportunity to become emotionally comfortable with what we are doing, what we can do, even some of what we think we can't do.  Little problem may exist in accepting and expressing our fears, limitations, and/or what makes us uncomfortable.  Some will be comfortable with waiting, with changes, with themselves, with others, and so forth.  There may be an acceptance of things, conditions, etc., that we haven't been accepting of in the past as well.
An opportunity might be here to confront what makes us uncomfortable, what creeps us out, in a calm manner.  This card does not recommend panic, but it does ask that we evaluate what might cause us to panic. 
Whether or not the King of Cups is truly at home with his emotions, whether or not he is truly calm and 'emotionally intelligent' or wise, he is, at the very least, playing a convincing 'emotionally comfortable dude' role. 
You're not going to emotionally 'break' this dude because he's been broken before, and he has seen 'broken'.  The King of Cups knows, and is OK with, 'broken'.
You will not manipulate or influence the King of Cups (unless he allows it).  He will not allow his emotions get the best of him or his efforts either, and he is proud of that. 
The King of Cups will not announce or publicize his emotions for all the world to see unless he chooses to do so. 
The King of Cups is emotionally fair and smart enough (yes, to me, he uses some amount of logic) to attach emotionally to situations, things, or people... but not completely.  In the same vein, he is capable of detachment as necessary, particularly when it comes to petty situations and developments capable of consuming him or detrimentally affecting his efforts and goals. 
Consider stepping back and asking yourself why a condition makes you uncomfortable.
Consider respecting that you feel uncomfortable.  Because it's OK.
Consider becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable, or being open to this possibility (which may come through attempts and/or practice).
Be grateful for anyone who helps ground or calm you when you need it most.  And be grateful for your own capacity to ground or calm others, regardless of position.
Overall, the King of Cups will bring a certain amount of ease and flow to our activities, and will make some situations feel less exhausting, annoying, and/or burdensome.


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